Welcome to ProviderBASE℠

ProviderBASE℠ offers an innovative new approach to the medical ordering and healthcare workflow process in one unified, cloud-based application that is accessible from all web-connected PCs and devices.

ProviderBASE helps doctors, care managers, claims administrators and patients instantly evaluate, choose and order clinically ‘appropriate’ tests, procedures, supplies and services – in optimal compliance with expert, evidence-based guidelines, payer rules, insurance benefits and provider discounts.

Developed by HealthBASE Networks℠, the ProviderBASE platform offers medical providers, insurance professionals and consumers a single, easy-to-use web-based application that manages the entire continuum of order-related processes, workflow and information.

This Medical Provider Network + e-Ordering Platform solution set is driven by closely embedded clinical decision support (CDS) tools, evidence-based guidelines, insurance rule sets, and linked stakeholders and suppliers.

ProviderBASE delivers highly automated and precise patient diagnosis-to-procedure matching, guideline referencing and scoring, order processing, clinical ‘necessity’ review and prior authorization, and referral, benefit and service coordination, with notifications, reports and related transactions.

The results include quickly elevated levels of ordering ‘appropriateness’ with reduced ‘inappropriate’ referrals, plus improved throughput, controls, compliance and savings for physicians, payers, patients and administrators, alike.

‘Right’ order, right time, right place, right cost.

Payers, Managed Care companies and Provider groups can ‘plug-in’ and deploy ProviderBASEat the front-end of medical management, care coordination and cost containment programs to quickly and easily:

    1.  elevate ordering ‘appropriateness’ and throughput

    2.  improve program penetration and clinical performance

    3.  remove unnecessary people, paperwork and phone calls

    4.  replace or evolve outdated systems, vendors, workflows & IT

    5.  deliver new savings, services, informatics and program returns

The ProviderBASE℠ Approach

ProviderBASE is designed to vastly reduce the amount of time and cost of ‘appropriate’ medical care, while also speeding up services rendered at every step.

The closely integrated ProviderBASE applications effectively capture, ‘filter’ and direct orders per insurance requirements and individual patient benefits — using clinical decision support (CDS) with expert medical guidelines and other transparent information, rules-based workflows and real-time exchange.

In addressing system-wide challenges using ‘e-Ordering with CDS’ to elevate accuracy, medical management efficiency and price controls at the earliest opportunity, ProviderBASE delivers new levels of on-time performance, services, savings and satisfaction across managed care and cost containment programs.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

CDS with evidence-based guidelines is proven to decrease costs by reducing over-utilization of (unnecessary) tests, supplies and services, and highlighting relevant alternative tests and procedures. These alternative tests and procedures may, in turn, lead to shorter treatment and recovery times – while reducing operating expense, insurance and claims costs, and patient out-of-pocket payments, when applicable.

ProviderBASE’s tightly embedded e-Ordering + CDS applications subtly present educative, expert and evidence-based guidelines to assist in making immediate and ‘appropriate’ medical ordering decisions, reducing the costs and delays associated with review programs, accelerating prior authorizations and directed referrals, and improving billing and payment times and accuracy.